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With over 30 years of experience in the IT and Electronics Industry, Grapevyne is here to help you to get the most from your Information Technology. Offering a bespoke service, tailored to our clients' needs, we provide a number of services and specialise in small projects that many other companies would not be able to quote for - and almost certainly not at our competitive rates.

Services include:

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IT Consultancy

  • Software development
  • Purchasing advice
  • Computer and wireless security
  • Affordable web sites for small companies


  • Development/delivery of technology training
  • Digital Photography courses available
  • Group and individual tuition


  • Computer installation and setup
  • Network configuration and troubleshooting
  • Hardware and software problem resolution

Electronic Design Services

  • Circuit design
  • Microcontroller solutions
  • Bespoke design services

 Our clients

Grapevyne is happy to serve both businesses and individuals. From one-on-one tuition, to software contracts with international corporations, we have the experience to ensure your success.