I started my working life as a professional electronics engineer, designing products for my employers. After nearly 20 years working on hardware and software projects of various sorts, I moved out of the development environment to do other things. In 2002, my interest in creating hardware and software widgets was reawakened, so I started designing again.

A lot had changed since the last time I picked up a soldering iron. A quick Google soon showed me that microcontrollers were being widely used, and they appealed to me strongly by combining hardware design and low-level programming – the two areas that most interested me as an engineer.

I submitted a few of my small personal projects to the US electronics magazine Nuts & Volts for publication. Nuts & Volts have chosen to publish three of my designs to date. Since mistralXG was created, I've just not had much spare time for personal designs, but I hope to do more at some time.


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